• WEEK TWELVE TOP SCORE:  Four guys tied for the top score: Matt Hendrix, DCherry, Phillip Ryan and Paul Willis. They went 5-0 and scored 100 points.
  • The group and lock winning percentages were bad, 44.2% and 46.2% respectively.
  • The group majority only went 1-4 ATS.
  • Favorites were 2-3-1 ATS, making them a perfect 50% for the year (35-35-2)
  • Indiana was the most popular overall pick and lock. They rewarded their fans with a cover. Good thing they covered, since all the other majority picks lost.
  • Auburn was the only underdog to receive a majority of the picks. Alabama handled them with ease.
  • None of the five games played earned bonus points.
  • Zac McCoy has retaken the lead with just one week remaining.
  • The Top Ten spots get paid. 19 people are currently within 40 points of 10th place.
  • Seven people have won 9 locks. 20 people have won 8.
  • Congratulations to Ty Senour for his 1-11 lock record. Stephanie Stovall, Steve Lehman and Corey Vernon (2-10) thank you.
  • Austin Rippeto has the most losses so far. 45 to be exact. His record (25-45) mirrored would be good enough for first.

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