• WEEK THIRTEEN TOP SCORE:  Nobody was able to go 6-0, but we had eleven people go 5-1 with 108 points. Max Briese and Michael Wang were two of the eleven. Their performances moved both of them into the Top Ten, with Max jumping all the way up to 2nd place.
  • QUARTER FOUR WINNER: Phillip Ryan. He ended the season on a 14-3 run and climbed from 129th place to 24th place over the final three weeks.
  • The group and lock winning percentages were bad again, 45.2% and 40.2%, respectively. It marked the third week in a row that the winning percentages were in the 40’s.
  • The group and lock winning percentages for the year were below average, which makes sense. Instead of choosing your favorite 6 of 15 games, everyone was forced to make a selection in 6 of 6 games. The group and lock winning percentages were 48.9% and 46.5%, respectively. For comparison, 2019 was 52.3% and 53.8%, respectively, but 2019 was also a really good year.
  • We failed to see a 6-0 in the final two weeks of the season. For the year, “0-6” outpaced “6-0” by a mark of 70-48.
  • Despite this being a strange year, we didn’t see the drop-off in participation that we typically see. 295 people submitted picks in Week 1, compared to 259 in Week 13.
  • The state schools were the most popular picks of the week. OU was the most popular overall pick. OSU was the most popular lock. Neither team covered the spread.
  • Indiana was the only underdog to receive a majority of the picks. They won outright against Wisconsin.
  • Indiana received more lock selections than the other 5 underdogs combined.
  • The worst beat of the week occurred in the Tennessee vs Florida game. With under 30 seconds to play, Florida was winning 31-13 and covering the 17.5 point spread. On a 4th and 10 from Florida’s 22 yard line, Tennessee threw a touchdown. It capped off a 96 yard drive. That, after having marched 94 yards for a TD on their previous drive.
  • The top of the final leaderboard was incredibly tight. Only three points separated 1st from 4th.
  • Zac McCoy captured the title by one, single, solitary point.
  • Max Briese and Casey Hulme finished just behind Zac. Max was awarded 2nd place since he had the better overall record.
  • Laura Grooms, Kris K and Greg Delano tied for the best lock record. Unfortunately, it only counts for bragging rights this year.
  • Ty Senour secured the worst lock record at 1-12.
  • Austin Rippeto went on a remarkable run to capture the worst record. He finished the season with three consecutive 1-5 weeks to post a 26-50 record. His record mirrored would’ve been 3 games better than our 1st place finisher, Zac McCoy (47-29).

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