• WEEK THREE WINNER:  Justin Reed.  After a slow start to the season, we saw seven people go 6-0 this week. Justin Reed led the way with 128 points, which moved him from 194th place to 34th place.
  • The group and lock winning percentages were much better:  51.7% and 48.8%, respectively.
  • It’s the third straight week that the lock winning percentage was worse than the overall.
  • For the first time this year, the 6-0’s outnumbered the 0-6s. The totals were 7 and 2, respectively.
  • Last week I mentioned that we should be seeing 40 to 50 people reach 100+ points every week. This week, we had 42.
  • Last week’s leaders cooled off a bit. John Mellish dropped into 2nd place and Cole slipped to 24th.
  • Iven Stevenson took over the top spot in the rankings.
  • Only four people have scored 80+ points in each of the first three weeks: Iven Stevenson, Diane Overbey, Randy Moore and John Forrest.
  • 26 people still have a perfect lock record. Another ten people are 2-0-1.
  • Exactly twice as many people (52) have a perfectly imperfect lock record.
  • Mark H is the highest ranking player with an 0-3 lock record. He is currently in 17th place.
  • A non-power 5 school got some love this week. Future Big 12 member, Cincinnati, was the most popular overall pick and most popular lock. They went from being fortunate to even being in the game, to covering the spread going away.
  • The next three most popular locks (Alabama, Boise State and Oklahoma) all failed to cover the spread.
  • The most popular underdog, BYU, won outright against Arizona State.
  • Georgia was the least popular pick on the board. Only 19 people picked them. All 19 people lost that pick.
  • Louisville was the only team that wasn’t locked. They won a wild game against UCF.
  • For the year, home underdogs are now 10-4-1 ATS the spread.

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