• WEEK TEN WINNER:  Jon Taber.  He was the only person to go 6-0, and he did it in a week when the average score was the second worst of the season.
  • The overall and lock winning percentages were bad: 43.0% and 42.8%, respectively.
  • It was the 2nd worst week of the year by winning percentage, average score and total number of people to score 100+ points.
  • With the 0-6s outnumbering the 6-0s by a 9 to 1 margin, they have taken back the lead for the year, 49 to 42.
  • John Mellish is back in 1st place.
  • We have three new faces in the Top Ten, which means we had to say goodbye to a few. John Vollbrecht had the roughest week. He slipped from 10th to 29th. Kathy Butler and Mary Stovall (sisters, by the way) joined the Top Ten alongside Garrett Green.
  • Dusty Weatherly keeps on winning his locks. It was his only win in Week 10. He has a 9-0-1 record now. Tyler H is 0-10. Yikes.
  • Last week, I recognized Chad Bradley for having the most losses for the year. He responded with a 5-1 week. Jason Kurien now has the dubious distinction with is 20-40 record.
  • The top 6 most popular picks were only 1-5 ATS. Oklahoma State was the only team to cover.
  • Baylor was picked by 208 people, making them the most popular pick of the year, surpassing the 206 picks Arkansas received against Georgia in Week 5. They lost the game outright against TCU…..Arkansas didn’t cover either.
  • Wake Forest and Navy were the only two underdogs to receive the majority of the picks. Neither one of them covered the spread.
  • When a team receives +75% of the picks, they are only covering at a rate of 40%.
  • Only 62 people picked a side in the USC vs ASU game, which makes it the least popular game of the year, surpassing the 65 pick total from last week. Its the 4th time this year that USC has been involved in the least popular game of the week.
  • John Vollbrecht and Brandon Yowell were matched up against each other in the bracket. They went a combined 1-11. Congratulations on your win, John?

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