• WEEK ONE WINNER:  Brian Marshall.  Four people went 6-0, but the longtime PP6 participant was one point better than his competition.
  • The group and lock winning percentages were pretty good:  51.1% and 54.4%, respectively. The lock percentage was actually higher than the overall percentage, which doesn’t happen as often as you’d think.
  • Five people went 0-6. Michael Patton, the 2021 PP6 Champion, was one of those five. His six losses represent 22% of his total losses in 2021.
  • 320 people scored at least 60 points, and 48 people scored 100+. That’s a pretty good start for the group.
  • Home teams went 6-6 against the spread.
  • The group majority went 7-8.
  • The 75% majority (at least 75% of the picks going on one side) was 3-1.
  • All five of the weekday games were covered by the road team.
  • Only four of the 15 games earned bonus points.
  • Four games were covered by half a point! Five were covered by a point or less.
  • The least popular pick, Georgia Tech, hung in there against Clemson but failed to cover.
  • The most popular pick, Arkansas, escaped with a win and cover against Cincy.
  • The group majority picked the underdog in five games. Those teams went 2-3 ATS.
  • Oregon was one of the most popular underdogs of the week. They got absolutely crushed by Georgia.
  • East Carolina was the only team that didn’t receive at least one lock. They lost but covered the spread against NC State.
  • The biggest pick disparity was in the FSU vs LSU game. 84% of the picks went for LSU, and 96% of the locks. They lost in a thriller against Florida State.

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