• WEEK TWO WINNER:  Kris Kubin. We only had three people go 6-0: Kris, Jen Teck and Oskie. Kris captured the weekly prize with his 126 points, two points better than Jen Teck.
  • The group and lock winning percentages were below average:  49.3% and 44.2%, respectively.
  • For the year, the lock record is now below .500. The overall percentage is just barely above .500.
  • Four people went 0-6. Unfortunately, John Archer was one of those people. He is off to the worst start of the group with a 1-11 record.
  • Home underdogs were only 1-4 ATS. For the year, they are only 3-6.
  • The two most popular picks of the week, Alabama and Baylor, failed to cover the spread. Baylor had chances to cover but didn’t. Alabama almost lost outright to the Longhorns.
  • Baylor received 245 picks as an underdog. It is very rare for an underdog to get that much interest. Arkansas was the only underdog to receive 200+ picks last year. That was week 5 against Georgia. The Bulldogs shut them out, 37-0.
  • Together, Alabama and Baylor accounted for 31% of the locks.
  • Kent State was the least popular pick of the week, only getting support from 16 people. It was also the biggest pick disparity of the year, with OU receiving 88% of the picks. Kent State covered the spread.
  • Arizona State was the only team not to receive at least one lock selection. Wise decision by the group, as ASU failed to cover the spread against OSU.
  • 6 games earned bonus points this week, with four of those occurring in games with double-digit spreads. For the year, 7 of the 10 bonus point games have been double-digit spreads.

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