• WEEK THREE WINNER:  Jen Teck Kao. If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. Jen Teck’s 6-0 record wasn’t quite good enough to capture the Week Two high score, but his 6-0 this week was. He scored 134 points, which is the high score for the year.
  • The group and lock winning percentages were excellent:  56.8% and 68.1%, respectively.
  • 68.1% on locks is the best percentage since Week 5 of 2019.
  • 17 people went 6-0! That is the second highest total in PP6 history. What is the highest total? We had 18 people go 6-0 in Week One of 2013, and that was with only 231 submissions (we had 17 on 453 submissions this week). Week One of 2013 was the single greatest week in PP6 history. 18 people went 6-0, the average score was 81.2, the overall winning percentage was 65.7% and the lock winning percentage was 81.4%.
  • Favorites went 12-3 ATS. That is almost always a sign of a good week for the “public”.
  • Home underdogs went 1-5 ATS. Double-digit home dogs were 0-4 ATS.
  • The 75% majority went 5-1 ATS.
  • The three most popular picks (OU, USC and Texas) were all ATS winners. OU was the most popular pick of all, and they poured gasoline on the dumpster fire that is Nebraska football.
  • Those same 3 teams accounted for 39% of the locks.
  • Four underdogs received more picks than the favorites (BYU, Auburn, Texas Tech and Michigan State). They went 0-4 ATS.
  • In their game against ND, California was the only team that didn’t receive a lock. They lost the game but covered the spread.
  • 8 of the 15 games earned bonus points. That is the highest total of the year.
  • EOwens has scored 100+ points each week, and he is in 1st place overall.
  • 306 people are at least .500 or better.
  • 3 people are off to a 3-15 start.

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