• WEEK EIGHT WINNER:  Courtney Graham and Chad Dayton. For the second consecutive week, the weekly prize will be shared. This time, between Courtney and Chad. They outscored 12 other people that went 6-0.
  • The group and lock winning percentages were great:  55.2% and 58.4%, respectively. It was the second best week of the year, behind only Week 3.
  • The average score was 70.8 points. Incredibly, the average score has eclipsed 60 points in 7 of the 8 weeks.
  • There were 14 6-0s and four 0-6s.
  • The Majority 6 was 4-2, favorites were 10-5 and home underdogs were 4-0.
  • Home teams were an astonishing 14-1 against the spread!
  • The three most popular picks (Oklahoma State, TCU and Penn State) were all ATS winners.
  • Penn State received 93% of the picks, which is the 2nd highest mark of the year.
  • The group majority went with the underdog in 5 games. Of the five, Oklahoma State was the only underdog to cover.
  • Only 5 games earned bonus points, but one of those (Texas Tech) did earn the maximum.
  • Colby Leseberg missed out on the weekly prize by one point, but his 133 points were good enough to move him into the top spot on the leaderboard.
  • Doug Hall is the only person in the Top Ten with a losing lock record.
  • Three people have an 8-0 lock record: Matt McClarnon, Lee Bowen and Petey. They are ranked 15th, 18th and 124th place, respectively.
  • Nobody has an 0-8 lock record, but 4 people are 1-7. Of the 4, Steve Murphy is the only person with an overall record over .500. He is currently 25-23.
  • Jayme Ross and Linda Smith scored over 100 points, but failed to advance in the bracket.
  • Tim Andrews and Jimmy Smith only scored 41 points, but they both advanced.

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