• WEEK TEN WINNER:  ThunderUP41 and Jacob Smith. They were the only two people to go 6-0.
  • The group and lock winning percentages were poor:  42.8% and 35.4%, respectively.
  • This was the second worst week of the year, trailing only Week 4.
  • Eleven people went 0-6.
  • The group majority was only 4-11 ATS. Easily the worst record of the year.
  • The Majority 6 was 1-5 ATS.
  • Only one game (UCLA over Arizona) received over 75% of the picks. UCLA won and covered.
  • For the first time this year, not a single team received over 200 picks.
  • The two most popular picks of the week were underdogs, KSU and Tennessee. Both teams lost and failed to cover.
  • The least popular game of the week earned the maximum bonus points. Florida State crushed Miami, but not many people benefited.
  • The five most popular locks of the week were all ATS losers AND lost the game outright.
  • Emily Owens still occupies the top spot on the leaderboard, but only 16 points separate 1st place from 6th place.
  • In a tough week for locks, Lee Bowen still managed to win his. He is now 10-0. Only two people, Matt Bartholomew and Joe Wagner, are 9-1.
  • Of the 16 matches in the bracket, 5 people advanced despite having a 2-4 record.
  • Six matches were decided by 5 points or less.

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