• WEEK ELEVEN WINNER:  My dear Aunt Kathy Butler. After all the free meals she has given me over the years, this is the least I could do….nevermind the fact that she did actually earn it. Three others went 6-0 but fell short of her score.
  • The group and lock winning percentages were average:  50.8% and 49.3%, respectively.
  • 7 people went 0-6, and only 4 people went 6-0. For the year, the 6-0’s still lead by a margin of 65-51
  • It was not a good week to be a favorite. In fact, it was the worst week of the year. They were only 4-11 ATS.
  • Despite favorites struggling last week, the group still did ok. What gives? In the six games the group majority went with the underdog, their record against the spread was 5-1. Syracuse was the only underdog that failed to cover.
  • LSU was the most popular pick of the week. They won the game, but they failed to cover.
  • TCU received the 2nd largest number of picks for the week. It was also one of the most popular games of the year, earning the interest of 303 participants. TCU easily covered the spread, winning outright against the ‘Horns.
  • We had another game that earned maximum bonus points. This time it was Kansas State over Baylor. KSU accomplished the same feat a few weeks ago against OSU.
  • Maryland received as many locks as they scored points: zero.
  • Colby Leseberg is now in 1st place, barely.
  • The top of the leaderboard is as tight as I can ever remember at this point in the year. Only 6 points separate 1st from 5th, and only 56 points separate 1st from 13th.
  • The top of the lock race is jam-packed, too. Matt Bartholomew and Lee Bowen are tied at 10-1. Nine people are at 9-1.
  • Robert Behnken has eclipsed the 100 point mark the last four weeks, and yet he has a 2-9 lock record.
  • Five people in the Top Ten have a losing lock record.
  • Of the 8 matches in the bracket, 5 people advanced with a 3-3 record.
  • Two people that were still left in the bracket went 0-6.

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