• WEEK TWELVE WINNER:  Jake Oconnell. For the first time this year, it didn’t require a 6-0 to win the weekly prize. Despite a 5-0-1 record, Jake still scored 127 points. He also currently leads the “Best Finish” race.
  • The group and lock winning percentages were bad for the second time in three weeks:  43.9% and 39.7%, respectively.
  • Nobody went 6-0, but only four people went 0-6.
  • Only 12 people scored 100+ points, which is the lowest total for the year.
  • Baylor vs TCU was the most popular game of the year, with most of those picks (277 of them) going on TCU. It was a wild game that saw TCU get the win, but Baylor the cover.
  • Oklahoma State was the 2nd most popular pick of the week. Bedlam was over almost as soon as it started, as the Sooners needed only a quarter of scoring to cover the spread.
  • The third most popular pick of the week, LSU over UAB, was a winner. It was also the biggest winner of the year by percentage. What looked to be a trap game was easily won and covered by the Tigers.
  • The overall winning percentage has dipped below .500.
  • The lock winning percentage is the exact same as the overall percentage, 49.8%.
  • Colby Leseberg has a one point lead over Aaron Bowser for the top spot on the leaderboard.
  • 50 people are within 60 points of the Top Ten.
  • Lee Bowen leads the lock race a 11-1. Matt, Zac and Petey are right behind him at 10-2.
  • The bracket is down to the final four: Jimmy Smith, Hollywould, Doug Hall and Bary Holleyman.

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