Welcome – The 18th Edition of the PP6

We’ve reached a milestone for the Pigskin Pick Six: 18 years. The PP6 can now legally vote, change its name, and enlist in the military. Most appropriately though, it can gamble. And for the final time in the foreseeable future, it can gamble on Bedlam football. The 18th annual Pigskin Pick Six will look the same as it did last year. Same entry fee. Same rules. 

How does this work?

Welcome to the Pigskin Pick Six website. If you are here, you are either lost or are considering joining a college football pick ’em contest. How does it work?  It’s simple.  You will be given a list of 15 games to choose from each week. In 6 of the 15 games, you will choose an “against the spread” (ATS) winner (including one lock).  You will then be awarded points based on your performance.  For a complete set of league rules, please click here.

To pay, thus entering the competition, please follow this link to LeagueSafe: https://leaguesafe.com/join/4129903

Due to the number of expected participants, the vast majority of us will fail to win money.  Therefore, I encourage you to partake in little side competitions with your family and/or friends.  It will give you a better chance to get on the podium and will help keep your interest throughout the year.

Season Info

Please note the tabs at the top of the page.  All the information you would want or need throughout the season is contained within the website.  From the pick sheet, to the leaderboard and statistics.  Some of the tabs have old information used as space fillers.  It is just to give you an idea of how everything will look once the season starts.  The email you use to receive PP6 emails needs to be the same email you use to register with the LeagueSafe website.  You can also register on the PP6 website, but it is not required.  The value is that it automatically enters your name and email into the weekly pick form and you will automatically receive the weekly reports.

Each week will have a preview and review post. Enjoy these at your leisure and feel free to comment and participate in discussions.  Our goal is to have the picks available and the leaderboard updated weekly by Thursday at 1pm ct.

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