• WEEK ONE WINNER:  Herbert Grover*.  Three people went 6-0 this week, but Herbert led the way with 132 points.  *Results should be considered unofficial until next week
  • The group and lock winning percentages got off to a rough start:  44.5% and 39.2%, respectively.
  • 13 people went 0-6. In all of 2022, there was only one week where 13 people went 0-6.  Of the 13 people that went 0-6, none of them wanted to.
  • Only 31 people scored at least 100 points.
  • Home underdogs were the way to go this week.  They finished 3-1.
  • The top 6 most popular picks (Majority 6) only went 2-4 ATS.
  • The Sunday night game between FSU and LSU saw the most action.  LSU was easily the most popular side, but they got runover by FSU in the 2nd half.
  • Speaking of LSU, they were also the most popular lock of the week.  Ouch.
  • The four most popular picks of the week (Clemson, Texas Tech, LSU and TCU) were all not only ATS losers, but they all lost the game outright as favorites!  They were favored by a combined 50.5 points and lost by a combined 47 points.
  • We had two teams earn the maximum bonus points:  OU in their rout over Arkansas State and Duke in the stunner against Clemson
  • Only 3 underdogs received more interest than the favorite: Nebraska, South Carolina and San Jose State.  Of the three, Nebraska was the only team to cover.
  • Not a single underdog received more locks than the favorite.
  • 4 SEC schools made an appearance on the Week One pick form.  Tennessee was the only one to win.
  • Same scenario for the Big 12 schools.  4 on the list.  OU was the only team to win.

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