• WEEK THREE WINNER:  Jarod Tarver.  Despite it not being a very good week for the group as a whole, we still had six people go 6-0. Jarod led the way with 133 points, which is the highest score of the year so far.
  • The group and lock winning percentages came back down to earth:  46.3% and 39.7%, respectively.
  • Only 36 people scored at least 100 points, which is the highest mark since Week 3 of 2022.
  • Despite a similar winning percentage to Week One, we only had 4 people go 0-6.
  • Kansas State was the most popular pick of the week. They lost in a wild finish to their rival, Missouri.
  • The top four most popular picks (KSU, OSU, Colorado and Tennessee) were all ATS losers. Colorado was the only team that was still at least able to win their game.
  • Speaking of Colorado, their TV ratings have been insane. They drew an audience of 9.3M in their late night showdown against Colorado State. That number is almost double what any other game received.
  • West Virginia was the most popular underdog we’ve had this year, and they are only the 5th underdog to receive at least 100 picks. They rewarded their loyal following with an ATS cover.
  • Mississippi State was the only other underdog to receive more picks than the favorite. They got killed by LSU.
  • 81% of the locks went for the favored team.
  • West Virginia was the only underdog to receive more locks than the favorite. They alone accounted for 38% of the locks that went for underdogs.
  • Oklahoma State was the biggest loser of the week, and the biggest loser of the year. 91% of the picks placed in that game went for OSU. By halftime, 91% of those people had no chance to cover.
  • South Alabama, the least popular pick of the week, was the only pick that earned maximum bonus points.
  • 12 of the 15 games at least earned one bonus point!

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