• WEEK SEVEN WINNER:  Will S.  Eight people went 6-0 this week, which is a season high.  Will led the way with 130 points.
  • It’s becoming a broken record, but the group and lock winning percentages were really good again: 56.0% and 54.7%, respectively.
  • The group winning percentage has been above .500 for the last four weeks.
  • For the 4th time this year, the scoring average eclipsed 70 points.
  • Only one person went 0-6 this week. For the year, the 6-0’s are outpacing the 0-6’s by a margin of 41-25.
  • The home team was favored in 13 of the 15 Week 7 matchups. Oklahoma State and Memphis were the only home underdogs. OSU won and covered. Memphis did not.
  • North Carolina was the most popular pick and lock of the week. They used a 4-0 turnover margin to take down Miami.
  • Four of the five most popular picks covered the spread. Kentucky was the only team that didn’t.
  • Eight of the 15 games earned bonus points.
  • For the 4th consecutive week, we’ve had a game end in a push. This week, it was the slugfest between Washington and Oregon.
  • The most popular game of the week was USC vs ND, and the picks were evenly distributed. Like North Carolina, ND took advantage of USC turnovers to cruise to victory. They only had 251 yards, yet they scored 48 points.
  • The 75% majority keeps winning at an astonishing pace. It was 3-1 last week and now 24-13 for the year.
  • The group majority chose the underdog in 4 games. They were 2-1-1 in those contests.
  • 382 people are currently at a pace of 60+ points per week! At this point last year, there were only 262 people at that pace.
  • Craig Amick currently sits atop the leaderboard, but only 26 points separate 1st from 10th!
  • We are down to just five people with a perfect lock record. Two others are 6-0-1.
  • Three people have an 0-7 lock record.
  • The elimination bracket will begin next week. Congratulations to the 128 people that made it in.

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