• WEEK TEN WINNER:  Jessica Coats.  Jessica outscored 6 other people that went 6-0. It was her first 100+ point week of the year.
  • The group and lock winning percentages were great again: 58.9% and 56.9%, respectively.
  • The group winning percentage has been above .500 for seven consecutive weeks!
  • The average score was 74 points, which is the highest of the year.
  • 69 people scored 100+ points, which is the 2nd highest total of the year.
  • Home underdogs were 5-3. It’s their first winning week since Week One!
  • We had our least popular game of the year. Only 71 people picked a side in the Miami vs NC State game. The Wolfpack covered the spread.
  • A&M and Mississippi gave us our 5th push of the year.
  • Notre Dame was the most popular pick of the week, but they were beaten by Clemson.
  • The next two most popular picks, Washington and Alabama, were ATS winners.
  • Oklahoma State was the most popular underdog of the week. They upset OU in the final scheduled Bedlam.
  • 4 underdogs received at least 100 picks (OSU, Kansas, KSU and Arizona). All four teams covered.
  • Chris Kinard is leading a very tight PP6 race.
  • 4 people are tied with 40 wins.
  • 402 people are averaging at least 60 points per week!
  • Michael Wang and Nick M are leading the lock race at 9-0-1. 5 others are 9-1.

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