• WEEK ELEVEN WINNER:  Ryan Woodard.  Ryan and Grayson Gillette were the only two people to go 6-0. Ryan’s 135 points were 50 points higher than his 2nd best week of the season (Week 8).
  • For the first time in forever, the group and lock winning percentages were not good: 45.2% and 36.4%, respectively. It was the 2nd worst group winning percentage of the year and the worst lock winning percentage.
  • The average score, 58.9 points, was the 2nd worst of the year.
  • We only had 23 people score 100+ points, which is the lowest total of the year.
  • Despite it being a poor week, the group majority still had a winning record: 8-6
  • The Majority 6 went 2-4 ATS, which is it’s first losing week since Week One.
  • The three most popular picks of the week (Kansas, OSU and Texas) were all from the Big 12, all received at least 200 picks and all were ATS losers.
  • Those same three teams (Kansas, OSU and Texas) received a combined 201 locks, while their opponents only received a combined 15 locks. That’s 201-15. 15 people got to celebrate.
  • Those three teams represented 41% of the lock selections!
  • In a rare occurrence, we had two teams earn the maximum bonus points in the same week: Missouri and Central Florida. Both teams were narrow home underdogs, and both teams crushed their opponent.
  • Missouri and Duke were the only two underdogs to receive more picks than the favorite. Both teams covered the spread.
  • BYU and Iowa State both received the exact same number of picks: 62 each. ISU rolled.
  • Florida was the only team that didn’t receive at least one lock.
  • Chris Kinard currently sits in 1st place, but only 54 points separate 1st from 10th.
  • The gap between 1st and 10th (54 points) is the same as the gap between 10th and 59th.
  • Despite Grayson missing out on the weekly prize, his score still propelled him from 39th to 4th.
  • Jim Newton is the only person to score 100+ points the last two weeks.
  • Nick M leads the lock race at 10-0-1. Ryan Kotek, Michael Wang and Mark Claunch are 1/2 game back.
  • Caleb Masters is the only person with at least 9 lock wins and a losing overall record.
  • We are down to the Elite 8 in the elimination bracket. 6 of the 8 people advanced while only going 3-3 or worse.


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