• WEEK TWELVE WINNER:  Kurtis Hanni and Emily Keating.  Kurtis and Emily were the only two people to go 6-0, and they fittingly tied for the best score with 122 points.
  • The group and lock winning percentages were fine: 49.35.2% and 53.6%, respectively.
  • The average score eclipsed 60 points for the 9th time in 12 weeks.
  • For the first time since Week 5, the group majority had a losing record.
  • Only 28 people scored 100+ points, which is the second lowest total of the year.
  • Georgia was easily the most popular pick and lock of the week. Their spread against Tennessee seemed suspiciously small, and they went out and proved Vegas wrong.
  • The two most popular picks of the week, Georgia and Washington, were ATS winners.
  • The next five most popular picks were all ATS losers.
  • The least popular game of the week was also the least popular game of the year. Only 53 people made a pick in the Notre Dame vs Wake Forest game. The Irish cruised to victory.
  • We also saw the “biggest loser” of the year. Iowa was picked over Illinois, 138 to 11. 93% of the people that picked a side in that game lost, although Iowa did win the game.
  • Grayson Gillette is in 1st place and has a 32 point lead over 2nd place.
  • The gap between 1st and 2nd, 32 points, is the same as the gap between 2nd and 20th.
  • Nick M still leads the lock race at 11-0-1. Ryan Kotek is 1/2 game back. Nine others are tied at 10-2.
  • We are down to the final four in the bracket. Dandrsn, Tony Braisher, Jodie Daft and Charles Robinson. Charles advanced despite scoring only 21 points.

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