John Stovall is out of town this week, so I’ll (Kurtis Hanni) will be filling in.

  • WEEK EIGHT WINNER: Mark Eichenberger beat out Amberlea Smith by 1 point to take the weekly title. 3 people went 6-0 and 6 people went 5-0-1. I bet they are “what-ifing” it to death.
  • Only one person went 0-6 this week, and I won’t name them. What John did last week was cruel. You say that’s not fair? Ok, I’m reasonable, it was Andrew Gilman. If it’s any consolation, 14 people had 0 wins. All the others ended either 0-5-1 or 0-4-2. FOURTEEN! Crazy high number!
  • We had 2 PUSHES this week, something never done before in PP6 history. 216 people picked those games, meaning 216 times someone shook their head in disgust. In 2015, there were only 2 pushes all year, but already in 2016 we have 5 pushes. I’m not sure what that means, but I thought it was worthwhile.
  • The most popular game was also the biggest winner. 91% picked Wisconsin -3.5 over Iowa and those 91% won.
  • In researching the Wisconsin result, I noticed a disparity. As a group, we’re much more likely to weight heavily towards picking the favorite in a landslide. Of the most lopsided games, 20 of the top 21 highest disparities went towards the favorite. In those games the favorite was 11-9. So it’s working… but for how long?
  • The first bracket games were played and 30 of 64 top seeds won. Shows seeding means nothing in PP6… or could also show that the higher seed means it’s more likely your luck could run out.

Wow! 377ish sign-ups! Good luck!

Wow, another year, another massive growth. We broke the 300 barrier last year, and look to have over 375 participants this year. We also surpassed 500 total participants over the course of the contest! You’re making our jobs hard, but that’s a good thing. Here’s a chart of our growth:


  • Out of 80 newcomers last year, 49 returned. I’d say that’s a good retention rate!
  • It looks like we have over 100 new participants this year! Great growth!
  • 17 of last years top 20 returned and 9 of 10 in the top 10. So only 1 took their money and ran, and 11-20 weren’t too discouraged by just missing out.

New year, new participants, so why not highlight some past great performances?

2015 was average

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New Features For 2016: Groups

Looking forward to this year! Everyone has a chance to win… for the moment.

As John addresses in his introduction post, with so many participating, it’s hard to win. So, we encourage you to join with a group of friends and compete together.

This year we’re offering groups. In groups you can:

  • Create a public or private group
  • Have your own conversations
  • And we’ll even track your group competition

Tracking your group results could be difficult, so we’re setting a few ground rules. First, only those playing in the main group can play in this new group feature. Second, tracking won’t be available until week 3. This allows all groups to get formed. Third, anyone joining after week 3 won’t be a part of our group leaderboard. Week 3 we’re going to pull all the groups and use that to create the leaderboard. To keep it as automated as possible, we’ve got to do it this way!

Here’s what you  need to do:

  1. Register or log-in.
  2. Update your profile. Put in some details, add an image, so we know you’re real!
  3. You need friends. Go to Profile > Members. Search members for you’d like to add to your group. Click “Add Friend”.
  4. Now create a group. Go to Profile > Groups. Click “Create a Group”. Setup your group. Once your friends accept your friend invitation, you’ll be able to invite them to your group.

If you’re doing a group for money, we’d suggest only allowing the admin and mods to invite people. This way others cannot join.

We’re hopeful this new option will make the game more enjoyable and keep you more engaged! Feedback is welcome!

Week 14 Quick Hits

The season is over, and the post season is here. We will be posting the results soon, so please stick with us!

Christian McCaffrey breaks Barry Sanders all-purpose yards record

Dude had a great year, but as many pointed out, he had more games. But, still, a great year.

This was called offsides

It’d be interesting to at least have seen how it could have played out otherwise!

Full video here.

Security staff gets frisky

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Week 13 Quick Hits

Well, interesting week with Bedlam. As a Cowboy, I cannot say I was surprised we lost, but I was surprised by the manner in which it occurred. OU is definitely the better team, so here’s to them representing the Big 12 well in the playoff!

Bedlam highlights

The only one for OSU:

And Dede Westbrook convinced Michael Hunter he was getting burned as Perine runs for a TD. *facepalm*

UGA fires a great human

Georgia proved, it’s all about titles, even when it shouldn’t be.

I don’t know if he should be fired or not, but whoever gets him is going to get someone who really does care about his players!

Les Miles not fired?

Everyone was convinced he was gone, so they carried him off the field. Continue reading