Before you send us an email, see if our FAQs can help!


I didn’t get my activation email when I registered?

We’ve had a few issues with those coming through, so we apologize. Please email us with the contact form below and we’ll activate your account.

When I try and log-in I’m getting a 406-Mod Security error?

We’ve tried to correct these, but please let us know. Until it’s fixed you can log-in with this link:

I forgot my password?

We don’t have access to your password, so we cannot tell you what it is. Please go to this link and you should receive an email to change it. If you don’t receive the email, contact us.

I didn’t receive the picks via email?

Please check your spam folder. Also, add and to your safe sender list or address book. Sometimes the incoming emails are identified as spam and either not allowed through or sent to a spam folder. Please email us if you don’t find it in spam and we’ll confirm their submission.

I want to change my picks, can I?

Yes and no.
If no deadlines have passed, go ahead.

If you made a pick and the deadline has passed, that pick cannot be changed. You can still change your other picks, but please limit how many times you do this. It makes our lives hard.

Example: You submit picks on Thursday at 4pm and select a Thursday game. On Friday you have a change of heart and select 6 new games.

Result: Since the Thursday deadline had expired, we are forced to accept that selection. Since you selected 6 new games on Friday, we have no choice but to accept those as well. With 7 games selected, we count the Thursday pick and 5 of the 6 new selections you had made, disallowing your highest scoring game.

Correct way: Since the Thursday game is fixed, resubmit your picks with the Thursday game as a selection. THEN, email us through the contact form. This gives us a heads up so we won’t accidentally disallow the pick.


If none of those answered your question, please use the contact form below

Also, please be patient! We run this out of the goodness of our heart and have day jobs… we’ll get back to you as quickly as we can!